The Quick Cope Series: “Lost in a Chaine”

“Lost in a Chaine”

Somewhere, hopefully buried amongst out-grown jeans, vacation souvenirs, and old retainers, there is a DVD of me in my first duet. Now, I wouldn’t say it was good, maybe interesting is a more appropriate word, better yet artful. Yes, artful, that sounds digestible and somewhat impressive. As a final project for my dance elective in middle school, my friend and I choreographed a duet, that would later be performed and recorded in the dance recital at the end of the school year. Quite literally a visual interpretation of Destiny’s Child’s Independent Woman Pt II, we looked more like live art solicitors of James Asher’s TPR teaching method, than a dancing duet. But you know, we were fearless! It takes guts to hold poses while we took turns improvising solos, not to mention keeping a straight face when improvisation turned into about a full minute of “artful” and dizzying turns haphazardly scattered from one corner of the stage to the next- delivered by yours truly. In the end, a thunderous sound that alluded to applause coupled with giggles were definitely heartfelt and sincere, as were our senses of accomplishment and spinning spacial orientation. So yeah, no one go looking through attics or digging through those books you haven’t touched since the 8th grade. Not everything needs to reminisced. Something’s are just better left lost in a chaine- that’s a twirl for my non-dance folk. 


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