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Quick Cope: #Face4 💄 

So, I am a mother of very beautiful, funny, outgoing twin boys. The joy they bring is absolutely endless. They always keep me guessing as they grow in confidence in their abilities and navigate through the sea of adventure each day brings. Being a mom of twins is beautiful and timeless, meaning I have less and less time to do anything, much less put on makeup in my small, but desperate attempt to look like a grown-up, human woman. (Alternatively, if you ever find yourself on a trip, wherein your luggage and makeup were really good at not making onto the baggage turnstile, you need to make a life change in the middle of traffic with limited resources, then you’ll find this post helpful). 

#Face4… The hashtag objective is to choose just 4 items from one’s makeup kit and make it work. With limited time to get ready, makeup has to be done quickly or the remnants of me and my sleepless nights will have to muster up the courage to face the sun. While the boys tackle, tug and disect the potential dangers of the livingroom, (unless it’s the bathroom as they crawl between my legs trying to unspool the roll of toilet paper), I have just minutes to operate. And so we begin…

My 4 products: KIKO Milano is a favorite find from my time in Italy a few years back. L’Oréal is inexpensive and reliable.
“My eyes, MY EYES!!”… She’s so dramatic!
Beginning with my bare-faced beauty.
We have a visitor.
And he’s on the move.
KIKO foundation applied, the improvisation begins. Lipstick becomes lip and cheek stick. (Only 4 products = Be resourceful).
Yep! The eyes too!
Eyeshadow will play liner…
…And brows…
…and finally eyeshadow!
A little lip!
And Voila!



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