Life And All The Living

Only The Beginning 

The lights floating overhead formed a halo of calm and chaos in the room. The rolling trays, clanking instruments and the distinctive swishing sound of cotton pants walking in deliberate circles created a confluence of serenity and urgency. The walls were sterile with just the slightest hint of grey. There were eleven people occupied in… Continue reading Only The Beginning 

Life And All The Living

Starting In The Stars

I wasn't just going to aspire to be something familiar and safe. No, I wanted to be wowed by my dreams and taking rockets to the stars appeared to be the only place to start.

Hair and Fashion


One year in middle school, I challenged myself to invent a new hairstyle for every day of the school year. A huge feat, I know. Sure conquering quadratic equations or really committing to rolling my r's in Mr. Barrios' class should've come to mind, but I needed new goals. Plus, I figured my r's would… Continue reading Haircasso 


La-zy: a noun 

“You’re lazy.” I remember someone close to me, someone who's voice rang too loudly in my head, telling me those words when I was six. (No worries Mom, it wasn’t you I still owe you for the nights I literally peeled your eyelids open to tell you all the things in the middle of the… Continue reading La-zy: a noun